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Hot Water Heaters in Philadelphia, Abington & Melrose Park, PA

Hot Water Heater Repair and Moving to Tankless

From doing laundry and washing dishes, to simply taking a shower, hot water is a luxury that many of us can't imagine living without. Whether you need to service or want to completely replace your existing hot water heater, Eden Comfort Aire Service Inc. of Philadelphia, PA can do it all. We can replace electric units, gas units, or install a brand new tankless water heater in your home.

If you are considering replacing your current unit, or are questioning whether or not your old unit actually needs to be replaced, here are a few facts that may help steer you in a direction.

  • If your current unit is leaking or broken, call a professional immediately to come evaluate your unit. Leaking or broken water heaters almost always results in replacement.
  • Lack of hot water is the main sign that your water heater is in need of repairs or replacement.
  • Considering going tankless? Not only is this a great way to reduce your monthly energy costs, but you can also qualify for up to 30 percent in tax rebates for your switch

Before switching over to any new unit, we will make sure that your current piping or electrical situation is up to par and ready for the switch.

Don't hesitate with your next hot water heater service or repair! Call the experienced hot water heater experts in Philadelphia. Call Eden Comfort Aire Services Inc. today!