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Project Completed 3/20/2015

I had very good experience with this company.
I recommend this company for any one.

Galal El

installation of new HP system

the price is very reasonable compared to others r, honest and reliable work

Binh Tran

Project Completed: 05/13/2015

(Replace the compressor for central air unit)

We have had a great experience with Eden Comfort Aire Services INC. and we are very happy with their service recently. Our compressor was bad and needed to be replaced, Patricio came out and gave us an estimate. For all the contractors came to us first, they gave us the highest estimate compared with Patricio. Patricio gave us a very reasonable price. He also offered the payment plans if we can't afford to pay one time.

First, he went over the problem and explained to us why the compressor was turning bad. As we have no knowledge about HVAC system, we completely understand why it was broken. The only thing we can do is to replace it, after we agree on the price. Patricio ordered the part and he came back in the next day to replace it. He did a good job and it worked perfectly fine after that. He also created the ways to protect it so that it won't happen again. He came back in the next day to make sure the compressor ran properly.

I very much appreciate the time he took on us, the expertise that he got for his job, and the commitment that he devoted to his customer. We extremely encourage you to choose Eden for your services if you have any HVAC problem in the near future.

Thank you very much.

Binh Tran

Jose Sanchez

AC condenser electrical problems

We have been using Eden Comfort Aire Services for the last 5 years and we highly recommend them. We have a 22 years old Bryant furnace/AC unit that is running on its last leg. Recently, due to a severe tornado/storm that impacted our area the AC was not working properly. We contacted other contractors to give us a quote for replacement, but Eden Comfort prices are always lower.

Mr. Genao-- or "miracle guy" as he is usually called-- came to inspect the unit and within half an hour, he was able to determine that the condensing unit (where the compressor is located) had electrical problems. He fixed the electrical problems and we are extremely pleased that we are able to go one more year with our old unit.

Mr. Genao also gave us a quote to replace the unit for the future and took the time to explain its benefits.

Mr. Genao is a man of integrity, honest, with a lot of wisdom, and will do whatever it takes to stretch your money. We will highly recommend him over any other AC/heater/water heater company out there! We are very thankful to God for Mr. Genao.


Ron Shomo

Heat pump installation

Fantastic service, excellent price. Honest and reliable very knowledgeable. Highly recommend their services.